Magnetic Mind Coaching

“We live in default, IF we don’t choose for ourselves.”

You can achieve and be what you desire. This is the program to get you there.

This coaching program will help you:

  • Live your true nature and purpose
  • Live a life you love
  • Have health and vitality
  • Know you are the predominate creative force in your life. (predominate, not only, creative force)

Free yourself of:

  • Judgments, beliefs and definitions of yourself, others and the world
  • Family history, trauma, beliefs….
  • Hidden agendas and secondary intentions
  • Silent instructions causing the self-sabotage patterns that play out in your life.

Learn how to:

  • Work with all the parts of you that desire to be expressed and/or healed.
  • Create true choices rather than trying to ‘fix’ something about yourself. You’re not broken!
  • Set-up a flowing structure instead of a stuck or oscillating one.
  • Recognize your sabotage pattern(s) like:
    • I’m not good enough
    • I’m not worthy
    • I’m not capable
    • I’m insignificant
    • I’m not perfect
    • I don’t belong


DETAILS: All sessions are recorded, so if you can’t make it live, catch the replay!

This 12-week group includes:

– Twelve 90-min. weekly sessions where you’ll receive tools and guidance about consciously creating, each week we recode (clear the resistance) blocks in your way to your 1-year target and receive support when feeling stuck
– A Digital Desire Tracker 12-Week Guide
– Guided meditation downloads
– Daily Tools for Transformation
– A 30-min. private refining session
– Bodywork sessions are available at a discount

In this 12-week journey to consciously create your desires, we will focus on 5 areas of wellness for your 1-year target:

  • financial abundance
  • creative flow
  • connection with others
  • purpose
  • health / wellness

$888 if paid in full (save $112)
OR 2 payments of $500

Want to do the Quickstart?

For those wanting to give it a try first, this 4-Week Course is for you!

Pay in full for the 4-Week and then decide you’d like to continue on with the 12-Week and simply pay the balance!

Pay in full for the 4- or 12-week and save $$ or make 2 payments.

$450 if paid in full (save $50)
OR 2 payments of $250

Want to make 2 payments? Choose your course:

Want to pay $438 for remaining 8 weeks? 

Want to pay in full? Choose your course:

FREE Life Balance Wheel Download!


8 Hands Healing Life Balance Assessment Wheel Download

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Looking for weekly support or as an add-on to your course work?

Weekly On-Going Membership

Each Wednesday, 8-9 am PST, I’ll be offering coaching that covers each spoke of our Life Balance Wheel. This weekly course will cover a variety of topics and weekly tools to help you:

  • Make conscious choices in life
  • Clear resistance in your way
  • Live a balanced life you love


Not sure which course is best for you?

Call/text 503-409-2772 so we can talk more about changing your life!

Kim Holman is a Magnetic Mind Coach.

Kim has gone through a yearlong certification program  with Chris Duncan of the Magnetic Mind Method. Kim will help you to open up a conversation with your Superconscious (also known as your higher self) because that’s how you achieve lasting change.