Gluten Free Card

December 6, 2016

Gluten Free Card

It seems the holidays are centered around food and the gathering of friends and family to enjoy it together. If you’re gluten free, dairy free or anything-else free you know how difficult it can be to cook for everyone and accommodate their food sensitivities. Gluten-free cooking, especially while eating out, can be especially difficult. Believe me, I know this first hand. With that in mind, I created a card to carry with me that would clearly list my allergies.

We have these business card-sized gluten-free cards in the 8 Hands office. You’re welcome to take some with you to share with your wait staff while eating out, a dinner host or just share with someone who is beginning their gluten free journey. It includes the different alcohols that typically contain gluten as well.


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This is the content you’ll find on the card:

I cannot eat and/or drink the following:

Grains: barley, bulgar, duram, kamut, oats, rye, spelt, triticuale, wheat
Included in: bread, breading, buns, croutons, couscous, gravy, malt, orzo, rice pilaf, rolls, seitan, semolina, soy sauce, stuffing
Drinks: ale, beer, bourbon, brandy, cognac, gin, malt liquors, root beer, rye, scotch, vodka

I CAN eat and/or drink the following:

vinegar (not malt), tamari sauce
Grains: amaranth, arrowroot, buckwheat, bean flours, millet, rice, soy, tapioca, teff, quinoa
Drinks: champagne, port, rum, vodka (potato/grape), schnapps, tequila, wine

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Kim Holman
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