This is definitely the season we overload on sugar. To date, I have found the best thing to offset the sugar load is eat to protein and wait it out.

Ideally we don’t eat it as it is a neurotoxin. What does that mean? As it was described to me….sugar eats away at the myelin sheath on our nerves and they become raw. Ever heard someone say “My nerves are raw!” We crave more sugar because it numbs the nerve, while it eats away more of the myelin sheath, but after a while the numbing wears off and we need more sugar to numb them again. Therefore we are in a cycle of damaging our nerves not to mention feeding the parasites in our body that crave sugar. Once those critters are more abundant than their counter parts who keep them in balanced quantities, a new layer of the cycle is created and you end up with another issue in your body such as yeast overload. I ask myself regularly when I want to eat sugar, “Is it worth it to my body?” The answer is usually no as the pain I feel in my joints are not worth it for me to be experiencing.

How to get off of sugar without the withdrawal symptoms: There are many forms of fish oil or EFA’s (essential fatty acids), some better quality than others and some EFA’s target certain parts of the body more than others. I use quality fish oil from the health food store, nutritionist or what I can order directly from a nutrition company. I use fish oil in abundance as I decrease my sugar intake over about a two week period of time, thus tipping the scales on the cravings and ache in my body. The EFA’s help heal the myelin sheath. Gymnemma is an herb that also helps with sugar cravings among other issues with our pancreas. This will also assist those getting off of sugar.

My holiday wish for you is that you are able to eat, drink and do everything you desire in moderation this holiday season.