July 12-week Group Coaching Class

July 7, 2021

July 12-week Group Coaching Class

July 12 Group Coaching Class

Are you wondering how you can have greater satisfaction in life? Have more choice? Learn how to consciously create all you want and more! If you’re feeling stagnant and just can’t seem to take your next step or you’re not sure what you even desire, or are just tired of your current circumstances and want change NOW? This may be what you’re looking for!

IT’S ALL ABOUT ‘STRUCTURE’! You will learn to create a ‘flowing structure’ which magnetically brings you the changes you’re looking for.

In this 12-week wellness coaching, you’ll learn how to listen to your inner wisdom (superconscious), consciously create your life, recognize and clear blocks. My target is to empower everyone with tools to create the life they desire so you’re not giving your power to someone else to make the changes for you.

When we allow our bodies, mind and soul to inform us, we can create wellness in a balanced way.

We just need to know how to set up the correct structure and where to focus our energy/attention to create the change we desire!

We change, not fix:

“We live in default, IF we don’t choose for ourselves.”

In this 12 week group you can learn to:

  • Live your true nature and purpose
  • Live a life you love
  • Have health and vitality
  • Know you are the predominate creative force in your life. (predominate, not only, creative force)

Free yourself of:

  • Judgments, beliefs and definitions of yourself, others and the world
  • Family history, trauma, beliefs….
  • Hidden agendas and secondary intentions
  • Silent instructions causing the self-sabotage patterns that play out in your life.

Learn how to:

  • Work with all the parts of you that desire to be expressed and/or healed.
  • Create true choices rather than trying to ‘fix’ something about yourself.
  • Set-up a flowing structure instead of a stuck or oscillating one.

Recognize your sabotage pattern(s) like:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not worthy
  • I’m not capable
  • I’m insignificant
  • I’m not perfect
  • I don’t belong

In this 12-week group journey to consciously create your desires, we will focus on 5 areas of wellness for your 1 year target:

  • financial abundance
  • creative flow
  • connection with others
  • purpose
  • health / wellness

This includes:

  • Twelve 90-min. weekly sessions where you’ll receive information about consciously creating, support when feeling stuck and each week we recode (clear the resistance) blocks in your way to your 1-year target.
  • Desire Tracker 12-Week Guide
  • 60 min. private planning session (after week 1)
  • 60 min. private bodywork session, in office or distance (phone or zoom). This can be scheduled any week during the 12 week course.
  • Additional bodywork sessions are available at the discounted rate of $130. per hr. while enrolled in the 12 week course.

“Experiencing recodes with Kim in her coaching program has been a highlight for my week. I eagerly look forward to uncovering the gopher holes which have been blocking me from my true targets. Each time I experience a recode session, I feel incredible growth and change. I believe this tool is the most effective and powerful of Kim’s work for lasting change.” NK

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Kim Holman
About Kim Holman
Licensed Massage Therapist (Lic. #4760), Certified Integrative Manual Therapist, Kim was licensed in 1993 from the National Health Care Institute of Salem, Oregon. She’s been trained in Integrative Manual Therapy (Certified), Cranial Sacral, Functional Indirect Technique (FIT), Myofascial Release, Reflexology, various forms of energy work, Berry Method and has developed her own style and use for cupping and gua sha. She looks for where the energy is blocked in your body and integrates the use of many modalities to help it flow again.