Drink Your Water

Toxins and our water

We have the power to protect ourselves and our loved ones. With more toxicity in our environment, food and water, it can sometimes seem discouraging about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this kind of harm. One area that we can be encouraged about, that we absolutely have the most control over, is the […]

Drink Your Water, General Health

Types of water

140 lbs / 2=70 oz of water needed per day Here’s how to get 80 oz into your day (and not)!  2 glasses upon waking 24 oz. alkaline 16 oz of fat coffee (breakfast) -32 oz of water acidic 5 x 8 oz throughout the day 40 oz 1/2 alkaline on the way home 16 […]

Drink Your Water, General Health

Post-Game Routine

After your game be sure you drink more water. Ideally you eat protein within 30 min. so your body has material to repair your muscles. A protein shake would be ideal. Resting after each game gets you ready for the next one. Especially when you have a few hours in between. Eat a good meal […]

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