Wellness Coaching Replays

Hi, 12-Week Coaching Group member, here are your replays of our sessions.

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Class 1:
Zoom Link Passcode: ^.?N8H$f

Class 2:
Zoom Link Passcode: AE^%bP9M

Class 3:
Zoom Link Passcode: R9g1X!.Z

Class 4:
Zoom Link
Passcode: @i#9Cfa2

Class 5:
Zoom Link Passcode: =De&&05U

Class 6:
Zoom Link Passcode: Cu!t7Rf1

Class 7:
Zoom Link Passcode: c^q2nji0

Class 8:
Zoom Link Passcode: L%0sVQb5

Class 9:
Zoom Link Passcode: ErhX31y#

Class 10:

Class 11:

Class 12:

Kim Holman is a Magnetic Mind Coach.

Kim is going through a yearlong certification program with Chris Duncan of the Magnetic Mind Method to learn how to effectively talk to your Superconscious and then teach you how to do that for yourself because that’s the part of you that’s REALLY in control!