What Our Clients Are Saying

Kim Holman's work with Recodes has helped me clarify my personal and business true goals, reduce tension and anxiety around challenges with starting a new business and remove blockages that were inhibiting progress. Her wisdom and insight shined a light on shadowed areas which I had previously been unaware. Kim's group coaching sessions and materials are very helpful to stay on track when implementing a new course of action. I highly recommend Kim's work with The Journey to Superconscious Living.


Your Magnetic Mind re-code sessions provided a breakthrough for a direction in my life that I always knew I would follow, but had no idea how and when. This brought and keeps bringing the needed tools my way, like a magnet! Thank you Kim.


I admire how Kim Holman studies, and applies, so much of the latest information, for alternative health and wellness concepts. Over the years, Kim has helped my neck vertebra feel incredibly balanced and aligned.

Glenn P.

My life has shifted from sad and stuck to focused and exciting. Kim’s coaching program has led me into the realization of my real purpose and my true targets in life. She has unlocked the hidden resistance inside of me so that I can actually create again. YESSS! I consider myself lucky to be a part of her coaching program. But do not wait to join. Do it right now. You will never regret the investment she offers.


She is a special person with gifted spirit and touch.


Go see Kim! Go in with a open mind and allow her to do what she does best! Kim's hands are gold!


Kim is the most gifted bodyworker I've encountered to date! She knows what you need before you do. I went in for a shoulder pain and left feeling like a new woman! Even my sinuses were better! I highly recommend her to anyone, especially someone with chronic pain or a pain they've had for a long time. She'll work through it and teach you how to do it on yourself at home! Now that's an incredible service. Love her!


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