Kim uses many techniques to assess what a person needs to work toward their wellness goals. During a session, several techniques may be used and are sometimes done with the clients clothing on.

Myofascial Sculpting© (Cupping & Gua Sha)

Kim uses cupping and gua sha tools to lift and loosen tissues in an area to increase circulation and function in the body. Silicone cups are used without heat which can be ‘parked’ or used to glide across areas of the body to loosen the superficial tissues. Then gua sha tools are used to sculpt the muscles where needed to allow tissues to glide next to their neighboring muscles rather than be stuck to them. This allows for greater range of motion in the joints, increased flexibility and is excellent for post injury/surgery (at least 6 weeks).

Myofascial Sculpting© is equivalent to deep-tissue massage but usually more comfortable for the client.

Sports Massage

A portion of Kim’s clientele are varying types of athletes. Her gift in moving clients through post-workout/game/injury recovery is typically fast and efficient. Kim may use Fascial Counterstrain, Myofascial Sculpting© or any variety of tools to get you back to the sport you enjoy!

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  • Bodywork Rate and Benefits
  • $155/60 min., $230/90 min., $310/120 min.
  • Move out of pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase circulation
  • Boost immunity
  • Get the body functioning better
  • *Ask about insurance billing.

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