140 lbs / 2=70 oz of water needed per day

Here’s how to get 80 oz into your day (and not)! 

2 glasses upon waking 24 oz. alkaline
16 oz of fat coffee (breakfast) -32 oz of water acidic
5 x 8 oz throughout the day 40 oz 1/2 alkaline
on the way home 16 oz filtered
after dinner 32 oz filtered

The main functions of our kidneys are to excrete waste, balance the water levels, and regulate blood pressure, red blood cells and acid/alkaline balance.

Water is the least expensive and most readily available natural medicine there is. So what IS the best type of water to drink? There are so many on the market. In my video “Why Water” I shared a little on how our body uses water and how much to drink. So now that you know the why, here are my thoughts on what kind to drink.

  • If all that is available to you at any given time is city water, drink it! Otherwise your body will go into a state of dehydration. Your body MUST have water to function optimally and without pain.
  • If you have a counter top filter; use it instead of city water!
  • If you have a more advanced filter, yeah, use it!

Reverse osmosis water was originally created to use for developing photos. It took all minerals out of the water so they wouldn’t leave spots on the pictures. That is great for photos, not for our bodies that NEED those minerals in the water to help our organs function.

When we drink purified water, the water molecules look for minerals in our body to be complete again. This depletes our body of minerals if we drink it regularly. Purified water does have a benefit when doing certain detoxes.

What about bottled water?

The best thing to do is check each label. If it says ‘purified’ or distilled it likely is reverse osmosis water. Some of the companies do put minerals back in the water which is better than no minerals at all. There is controversy about bottled water having more contaminants than city water and it also costs more.

As a distributor of Multipure drinking water systems I enjoy knowing that there are so many contaminants are being filtered from my tap water so my kidneys don’t have to do the filtering. I also appreciate that it saves impact on the environment by not using plastic bottles which is harmful to our ecosystem.

What about Alkaline water?

I am also a distributor of Enagics’ Kangen™ alkaline water systems. Alkaline water has become the rave lately and some companies are actually bottling it. When drinking alkaline water, be sure it is on an empty stomach. We need the acid environment in our stomach as an important step for digestion. When getting Kangen™ water fresh from your own home, not only is it alkaline, it is also micro clustered for easier hydration and has antioxidant properties. These do not keep once bottled. Drinking Kangen water also has less impact on the environment.

We can certainly choose different qualities of water, the most important part is drinking enough of this natural medicine.

Here is an example of a typical day of fluids for me:

Because we lose 2 cups of water at night while we sleep, just breathing, I enjoy 2 – 12 oz glasses of alkaline water when I first get up in the morning. I then thoroughly enjoy every sip of my 16 oz coffee on the way to work. Remember from the Importance of Hydration video we need 32 oz of water to offset the coffee. I typically see 4-5 clients every weekday and have set a goal to drink one 8 oz glass in between each appointment. These are often alkaline water as long as I haven’t eaten within 1-2 hrs. On the way home I drink another 16 oz of water knowing I’ll be eating dinner within 30-60 min. This is a great way to prepare your stomach for digestion. Typically I have approximately 4   8 oz glasses of water between dinner and bedtime. Occasionally I will have 16 oz of tea somewhere in my day. This comes out to approximately 72 oz. per day.

When I detour from this average I feel achy and fatigued and will often get a slight headache.

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