Toxins and our water

October 12, 2016

Toxins and our water

8-hands-healing-massage-Kim-Holman-Salem-waterWe have the power to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

With more toxicity in our environment, food and water, it can sometimes seem discouraging about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this kind of harm. One area that we can be encouraged about, that we absolutely have the most control over, is the amount of toxins we consume in our water. While government agencies clean and prepare our water as best they can, you can filter an additional 67 contaminants and 15 pharmaceuticals out of your family’s water with a Multipure filter.

I have been using the Aqua-Versa filter from Multipure for several years now, at home and at the office. I even take an Aqua-Mini with me when I travel and hook it up to the faucet in my hotel room. We need water, and when it tastes good, we want to drink it. Especially when we know that the quality of the water is helping our bodies.

I offer the Multipure filters through my business and would be happy to assist you in owning a filter for yourself. The prices can range from $169.95 to $1699.00. You can order directly online at: using my distributor #424153. If you would like some assistance choosing the filter that works best for your family or if you have questions, please call or text me at 503-409-2772.

This quarters special: When you purchase your Multipure drinking water system, you can also receive an emergency water filtering system ($85 value) for the cost of the shipping ($13).

Watch my water video:

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