Post-Game Routine

After your game be sure you drink more water. Ideally you eat protein within 30 min. so your body has material to repair your muscles. A protein shake would be ideal. Resting after each game gets you ready for the next one. Especially when you have a few hours in between. Eat a good meal […]

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On Game Day!

It’s tournament day and you’re excited and nervous all at the same time. This is burning up a lot of energy that you’re going to need when you play. So now you need to MAKE SURE you’re eating well because you’re burning up your fuel before you even get there. Checklist for game day: Have […]

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Prepping for Game Day!

When you are performing in a sport you’re asking your body to be a race car vs. a regular vehicle. What kind of fuel are you putting in your race car? Have you checked your fluids lately? We work on several kinds of athletes from young to old and the most common issue found is […]

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