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Licensed Massage Therapist (Lic. #4760), Certified Integrative Manual Therapist, Kim was licensed in 1993 from the National Health Care Institute of Salem, Oregon. She’s been trained in Integrative Manual Therapy (Certified), Cranial Sacral, Functional Indirect Technique (FIT), Myofascial Release, Reflexology, various forms of energy work, Berry Method and has developed her own style and use for cupping and gua sha. She looks for where the energy is blocked in your body and integrates the use of many modalities to help it flow again.

Post workout recovery class with Gua Sha

Cross Fit View’s workouts can really be tough and recovery can sometimes take a bit longer. Gua Sha can help to truncate that recovery time. Kim’s teaching this much-needed technique to lessen our sore muscles. Invest one hour to learn a recovery method for your exercise regimen that you can do yourself, at your own convenience. Gua Sha is a […]


Inclined Bed Therapy

Here’s a new self-help remedy for everyone! The foundation of my practice is to educate clients how to care for their health both at home and while using my services as needed. I recently discovered ‘Inclined Bed Therapy’ and have been trying it for 1 week as of this writing. I’m feeling better overall and […]

DIY Massage, General Health

Cupping Massage Class

Theory and Application This 14 hour class is for licensed body workers or students currently enrolled in massage school.* There is close to 8 hours of lab time to ensure you are comfortable doing safe and effective cupping massage. OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to: Identify the affects of cupping on the various systems of the [...]

Gua Sha Class

Call 503-409-2772 to sign up now and learn how you can safely, gently and effectively give yourself some relief through an ancient massage and bodywork technique. It is easy to learn and convenient most anytime. Gua sha is a gentle technique you can use to release general tightness and pain in your body at home or on the go. Do you [...]