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Why We’re A Bit Different
A note from Kim…

“Well first of all, 8 Hands? Early on in my practice, I wished I could do more than one technique at a time. After countless hours of training and with all of the techniques I’ve learned, now I actually can do many at one time, so having the octopus as my logo was quite fitting. I especially feel like an octopus when doing cupping massage…

The driving force in my practice is my desire to live pain-free and a life filled with possibility. I strive for this in my life and enjoy sharing information so others can benefit as well.

I would like to inspire other body workers to think differently about the bodies they work with everyday so their techniques can be even more effective than they already are. Or perhaps they are looking for different trainings or techniques to learn.

I also enjoy learning from others which is why I receive body work every week and continue my education. I’m always looking for new methods to support my clients in their health endeavors.”


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