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Licensed Massage Therapist (Lic. #4760), Certified Integrative Manual Therapist, Kim was licensed in 1993 from the National Health Care Institute of Salem, Oregon. She’s been trained in Integrative Manual Therapy (Certified), Cranial Sacral, Functional Indirect Technique (FIT), Myofascial Release, Reflexology, various forms of energy work, Berry Method and has developed her own style and use for cupping and gua sha. She looks for where the energy is blocked in your body and integrates the use of many modalities to help it flow again.

December 6, 2016

Kim’s New Favorite Pie Crust

Gluten and Egg-Free Crust? While making pies for our Thanksgiving dinner I discovered a wonderful way of making a gluten-free and egg-free pie crust. I look for recipes without eggs, dairy (butter is ok) and gluten and found this modification to a mix to work very well. I hope you find this helpful! I used […]

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December 6, 2016

Gluten Free Card

It seems the holidays are centered around food and the gathering of friends and family to enjoy it together. If you’re gluten free, dairy free or anything-else free you know how difficult it can be to cook for everyone and accommodate their food sensitivities. Gluten-free cooking, especially while eating out, can be especially difficult. Believe […]

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October 12, 2016

Toxins and our water

We have the power to protect ourselves and our loved ones. With more toxicity in our environment, food and water, it can sometimes seem discouraging about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this kind of harm. One area that we can be encouraged about, that we absolutely have the most control over, is the […]

Drink Your Water, General Health
May 10, 2016

Salem Community Graduation Celebration

Powered by Eventbrite SPRING IS HERE! Fresh air, new beginnings, beautiful flowers and new ideas are abounding. As we know, when one season ends for us, another begins. My 2 youngest children, Kristine and Erik, are both completing their high school educations this spring, Erik with his Associates degree at Chemeketa Community College simultaneously. Timothy […]

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December 10, 2015

An Empaths’ guide to the Holidays

An empath as I see it is someone who is VERY aware and perceptive of others thoughts, feelings and emotions. They often mistake them as their own thoughts, feelings and emotions much to the detriment of not being able to live their own life. Have you ever had a great idea pop into your head […]

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December 10, 2015

SOS: Sugar Overload Support

This is definitely the season we overload on sugar. To date, I have found the best thing to offset the sugar load is eat to protein and wait it out. Ideally we don’t eat it as it is a neurotoxin. What does that mean? As it was described to me….sugar eats away at the myelin […]

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October 19, 2015

Types of water

140 lbs / 2=70 oz of water needed per day Here’s how to get 80 oz into your day (and not)!  2 glasses upon waking 24 oz. alkaline 16 oz of fat coffee (breakfast) -32 oz of water acidic 5 x 8 oz throughout the day 40 oz 1/2 alkaline on the way home 16 […]

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